Cancun Fishing Charters


Accepting this terms and conditions on the checkout page or any sections of this website where it asks to accept, realeses Cancun Fishing Charters or its employees or any of the suppliers of the responsability from any accident caused by the costumer or weather reasons or mechanical reasons given by the weather or external circumstances.

Even though the ship has insurance there is no responability to Cancun Fishing Charters or its employees for accidents that may occure to the passengers regarding their activity experience. Since Fishing, Snorkel are considered high risk acitvitites.



The total refund of the activity booked will be possible only for the following reasons:

  • Master Harbour closes all departures
  • Request a cancelation 72 hours prior to the activity booked
  • Mechanical issues

Whichever is the case, Cancun Fishing Charters will provide with a window of time to rescheddule the trip in order to take the desired trip.



The rescheddule without a penalty wil be allowed only if requested with 72 hours prior to the trip by the paying costumer. Rescheddule will be possible according avilability.  If rescheddule is requested with less than 72 hours a penalty fee of 100usd will be charged the day of the trip.

A second rescheddule will not be possible and the amount paid of the first reservation will be lost.


Extra Charges

Costumer will be charged for any piece of gear that results in lost or broken for any kind of mishandling on behalf of the costumer, regardless of the experience of the costumer. The amount willbe designated by the captain according of the conditions and brand of the gear lost or damaged.